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A few years ago hubby and i were in las vegas. husband was gambling with some friends. i was hubbies arm peace in my gorgeous dress and also spent some time at the bar by myself. while spouse was still at the card table and i was at the bar, i noticed this indeed hot fellow at the bar by himself. so i went over and started chatting with him. the guys name was matt and he was sexy. matt notched my wedding ring and i explained that hubby lets me do what i want and do who i want lol ?. after another 10 minutes or so i invited matt up to our room by saying “let go have some fun in my room ?” my new friend pays both our bills (it was hubby’s on the bill too ?) and we head to the room. i get in the room and tell matt i want him to movie record him fucking me so i can send it to hubby down at the table. hubby loves getting my cockslut videos. (see attached video) but then my husband and his friends come in the room and matt got a little freaked out and stopped the video (at the end of the flick you hear spouse and his buddies coming in) i wish matt didn’t stop recording because it was so super hot when they walk in. matt stopped plowing but stayed inwards me frozen. hubby came into the bedroom and was like “hey brother don’t stop she was about to cum” we all laughed together. after matt knew spouse was into it, matt got truly turn on and he banged me really hard. husband and one other of his friends tag teamed me after matt was done. hubby brought matt down to the card table with him after they were done using me. i went with them and kept teasing matt, showing him some cleavage and touching his man rod through his pants as they were frolicking cards. at the end of the night they all gang fucked me. it was an awesome night.

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